January 20, 2010

Step 1: Value Study

Behold! I paint landscapes in soft pastels. Yep, I'm granola. Mostly I like to paint them on-site or "En Plein Air", which is French for "in the open air". Anyways, it's really cold outside and snowing so I'm painting from a photograph. The location: Kolob Canyons. It's part of Zion National Park in southern Utah. Its BEAUTIFUL! Google it, I dare you.

I like to start my paintings with a basic layout sketch and value study. From there, the rest is just coloring within the lines. I use "Belgium mist" toned Wallis paper. It's basically a big sheet of sandpaper and it's awesome! For sketching I use Nu-Pastel. And for the coloring I stick with Rembrandt and Sennelier brand soft pastels.

I'm going to finish this by Saturday, so you'll see updates daily ( I hope!)